cold, but sunny

my dear readers and followers,
i am very sorry for not being very active on my blog recently, but there are a lot of things going on in my life. i hope you’ll forgive me ;)

i took all those pictures last week on a very cold and sunny winter morning after a long period of dark and grey skies. i think you can imagine how happy i was about that break in the weather :)

very last winter photos

i know i promised not to post any more winter photos… but i totally forgot about those i took druing the easter holidays in the czech republic while i was on a short hiking trip. i hope you don’t mind and like them anyway :)
those are the very last winter photos you’ll see on my blog (until next winter). promised.


walking in an easter-winter-wonderland

i am spending most of my easter holidays at my hometown in upper austria. the original plan was to go hiking with my sister but since there’s still a lot of snow, we decided to make short trips every day.
on wednesday we made just a small hiking tour up the ‘sternstein’, a small mountain with 1.125 meters. it was unbelievable how much snow there still was… but i enjoyed the silence and the nature a lot. on our way to the mountain top we saw that the ski-lift was still in operation, so we went skiing (me snowboarding) there yesterday. unfortunately i cannot show you any photos of the skiing trip because i was too afraid to take the camera with me.

but i really, really hope that this one was my last winter post ;)


winter run – winter sun

about a week ago my roommate participated in the second winter run in vienna, so i decided to take some photos there. it was a very good decision because the weather was awesome, lots of sunshine  in the morning. you have to know that sunshine is very rare in vienna recently, last week i read in the newspapers that february this year had very few hours of sunshine compared to the years before… isn’t that depressing?
so while mary and another friend were running, me and my second roommate went for a winter-sunshine-walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather :)


a re-visit to the augarten

some of you might remember this post of the augarten and the flak towers there. a few weeks ago i re-visited this place and took some photos of the trees and towers covered in snow. i hope you like them and wish you a wonderful sunday everyone :)


it’s freezing cold outside

at the moment it is freezing cold in vienna. when i woke up today it was minus 10 degrees outside and even the windows in our flat were partly frozen. fortunately i don’t have to leave the house today :) but what relly confuses me is what i heard on the radio this morning… the weatherguy predicted  plus 13 degrees for next wednesday…

ice drops

ice window

freezing window