exploring my new neighborhood, part one

i am now living together with my boyfriend for around two months, and i must say i really like it :) the new flat is super-awesome and cozy, i just had to get used to not living in the city center anymore.
i wanted to explore my new neighborhood much earlier but couldn’t find the time to do it. the first part of my neighborhood-series shows the ‘westbahnhof’, one of vienna’s rail stations. i discovered this bridge a while ago and i loved it. i hope you do, too :)

a foggy morning at the central cemetery in vienna

this morning me and a colleague from my photography class got up early to take some pictures at the central cemetery (zentralfriedhof) in vienna. the cemetery itself is huge and is divided into several different parts. today we were at the soldier part and at the old jewish part. we were hoping to see some deer and we were lucky, but couldn’t get close, the animals were very shy…

soldier cemetery:

old jewish cemetery:

urban art part two: playground and dust bins

here’s the second part of my street art photos, this time a colourful playground and dust bins :)