weekly photo challenge: let there be light!

because of a lack of time i missed some of the last few challenges, but this week’s theme is the perfect chance for me to re-enter the weekly photo challenge :)

light-3 light-4 light-7 light-8i took those pictures the same day as the pictures in my last post, on a cold and sunny winter morning in vienna.

weekly photo challenge: eerie

some time ago i was asked by a friend to take pictures during her music video shoot. it was a great experience to see how a movie set is organized, there’s a huge effort behind it. i had an awesome time and really enjoyed being the photographer there.
i was waiting for the perfect opportunity to show you some of the pictures, and this week’s photo challenge seemed to be right.

scene 1:20130303-DSC_491620130303-DSC_493220130303-DSC_4950

scene 2:




weekly photo challenge: good morning vienna!


i took these pictures around an hour ago (yes, it really takes a long time to upload them, i still don’t have a better internet connection). this is the view from my new flat, pretty nice, isn’t it?
i hope the weather is getting better during the day, i would love to stay inside the whole day with a cup of tea and a cosy blanket, unfortunately i have to go to work and to the dentist. but i guess there will be more foggy fall days during the next few weeks :)

good morning-3good morning-2good morning

weekly photo challenge: an unusual POV

i took those pictures during my holiday in carinthia last week. we were at the lake weissensee, a very cool but crystal clear and beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains.