bangkok impressions

unfortunately couldn’t find much time to take some pictures lately, so i would like to show you some more photos form my thailand-trip last year in february.
all these photos were taken in bangkok at the beginning of our trip. bangkok was our first destination, from there we travelled up north to sukhothai to see some old buddhist temples, then back to bangkok and from there we took the train  down south to enjoy the beautiful islands and beaches :)

against grey winter days…

as promised, some more photos from my holiday in thailand last year. for all those who miss the sun as much as i do… may they bring some sunshine into the winter!


thailand impressions: bangkok – china town

those photos are from my 3-weeks-trip to thailand in february last year. i was there with my flatmate and we absolutely enjoyed this journey, it was an adventure and great to get to know other cultures and ways of living. the photos you can see in this post were taken in bangkok, most of them in china town.

enjoy and have a great day everyone :)