spain: ronda

first of all i have to say i liked all the paces we visited in andalusia… but ronda was kind of special. we spent our night at the most lovely hostel in the city and from its terrace we also had an amazing view at the bridge.
one day i will come back  for sure :)


view from the hostel

weekly photo challenge: sea

i haven’t participated in the weekly photo challenge for a long time, but this week’s topic is the perfect opportunity for me to return.
sea reminds me of summer, holiday, having a really good time… of everything i actually had in spain a few weeks ago.

all those pictures were taken in cádiz, a lovely small town in andalusia.






spain: córdoba

after having had a really good time in granada, we continued our journey through andalusia and our next stop was córdoba. there we were really lucky with the weather, it was a bit cloudy and not too hot, perfect for sightseeing.
i loved the mezquita, which is a chathedral and was originally built as a mosque. i’ll show you some pictures of it in my next post. and in the meantime, enjoy córdoba :)

the view from our hostel

the view from our hostel

spain: first stop valencia

we didn’t plan a lot in advance for our roadtrip because we wanted to be as flexible as possible and so we just booked a room for the first night in valencia. we arrived there in the early afternoon and at the airport we picked up our rental car to make our first experiences with driving a car in spain. i must say i was very surprised about how the spanish people drive their cars. i expected the traffic situation to be chaotic like for example in italy, but it was peaceful, i was truly happy about that :)
valencia is a lovely city, we also were at the beach for a few hours. after one night at a nice hostel we continued our journey southbound towards beautiful andalusia.


against grey winter days…

as promised, some more photos from my holiday in thailand last year. for all those who miss the sun as much as i do… may they bring some sunshine into the winter!