amsterdam-biking part I

dear followers and readers out there,

here’s the first part of my amsterdam-biking-series. some of you already know that i adore biking (especially in amsterdam – it’s the best way to explore the city and to get around) and i love taking picutres of people on bikes. don’t you think they look very stylish?

apart from that, i got a full-time-job now, and i’m afraid there’s not much time left for blogging. i’ll try my best to continue blogging regularly!

i whish you all a wonderful sunday!


weekly photo challenge: unique

all the bikes in beautiful amsterdam are unique… i have never seen so many bikes at antoher place on earth before (ok, copenhagen is very close). they make the whole city unique, actually i think there are more bikes in the city than inhabitants :)

i hope you’re not tired already of all my amsterdam and bike-photos but i love this city and especially biking there so much! all of these photos were shot with my lensbaby!