moorish spain: in love with the alhambra de granada

as mentioned in one of my previous posts, granada was our next stop on the andalusia-trip. there we visited an austrian a friend who was studying in granada for one year. he was a great tour guide and also managed to find a place for us to stay at another friend’s home. we had a really good time full of laughter and sangria ;)

we also visited the ‘alhambra de granada’ together, which is a wonderful and impressive palace and fortress, built in 889. i especially enjoyed the nasrid palaces and the beautiful gardens. for me, the alhambra was a ¬†highlight during our journey and if you ever come to granada, take some time and visit the alhambra, you will not regret it!

alhambra de granada-33

from the alhambra, we also enjoyed a great view over the city