news from the diana

recently i shot three films with the diana, two colour films and one black & white film. i wasn’t too thrilled about the results of the colour film (i used the lomography colour negative 400 film).
anyway, here are the best results out of the two colour films. i will show you the black & white pictures (which turned out really good) some time soon!

have a great week everyone!

me and the darkroom

in the context of my photography course i had a darkroom workshop a few weeks ago. i was fascinated immediately, so me and some of my course colleagues went to the darkroom one more time… and here’s what came out of it. the film i processed was a black & white lomo film, shot some time in winter with my lomo fisheye. i think some of the pictures turned out quite nice, other ones can be improved for sure.
i’m planning to go back to the darkroom soon (we can use the darkroom of the photography school), but next time i will try to process a diana-medium-format-film :)
as i’m not experienced at all with all the darkroom-work, i would be happy about any kind of feedback here :)