more ferris wheel

on tuesday, i spent an evening at the ‘prater’, which is a huge amusement park in vienna and also one of the city’s most known landmarks. i wanted to take picutres with all the brigth lights during the blue hour, unfortulately the blue hour was way too short but i could take some nice pictures anyway ;)

so my next post of the ‘prater’ is one more thime the giant ferris wheel. i will show you another ferris wheel, a roundabout and lots of other fun stuff during the next few days.

a re-visit to the augarten

some of you might remember this post of the augarten and the flak towers there. a few weeks ago i re-visited this place and took some photos of the trees and towers covered in snow. i hope you like them and wish you a wonderful sunday everyone :)


urban art part two: playground and dust bins

here’s the second part of my street art photos, this time a colourful playground and dust bins :)


weekly photo challenge: unique

all the bikes in beautiful amsterdam are unique… i have never seen so many bikes at antoher place on earth before (ok, copenhagen is very close). they make the whole city unique, actually i think there are more bikes in the city than inhabitants :)

i hope you’re not tired already of all my amsterdam and bike-photos but i love this city and especially biking there so much! all of these photos were shot with my lensbaby!







some rare moments of sunshine

since we haven’t had much of sunshine here in vienna the last few weeks i was excited the last two days. both of them began with plenty of sunshine and then turned into a cloudy afternoon. so this morning i took my camera and went to the ‘cobenzl’ in vienna with my boyfiend for a sunshine walk. from there you can enjoy an amazing view over the city and here are some of the photos from today which i’d like to share with you. all of them are taken with my lensbaby.





sunny way

winter plant

winter plant

winter plant