cold, but sunny

my dear readers and followers,
i am very sorry for not being very active on my blog recently, but there are a lot of things going on in my life. i hope you’ll forgive me ;)

i took all those pictures last week on a very cold and sunny winter morning after a long period of dark and grey skies. i think you can imagine how happy i was about that break in the weather :)

evening mood at the lake

again, i don’t have enough time for blogging… and no proper internet. i moved into a new flat and my internet here is very poor, it took an incredible long time to upload those pictures, but finally i made it :)
and to be honest, i didn’t take much potos recently, but photography school starts again on wednesday, i hope to get some new inspiration there.

fortunately i still have lots of pictures on my hard disc which i wanna show :) as mentioned before, i was in carinthia at the lake weissensee for a short holiday, my next few blog posts will be about that lovely place. i hope you enjoy!
have a great week everyone!!


spain: landscape

at the end of our trip we were sunbathing at a very beautiful beach near ‘cabo de gata’ (close to almería), which is a natural park with a strange and simultaneously beautiful landscape. i had no idea that there are such desert-like regions in spain. isn’t that great?


spain: sunrise and on the road

our second stop was almeria, which is located around 430 km south of valencia. at first we wanted to stop in alicante as well but in the end we didn’t, because we wanted to get to andalusia as soon as pssible (we spent one night in alicante on our way back to valencia, yet we didn’t see much of the city but an awesome tapas bar).
so we left valencia on the second day in the evening and became real adventure girls because we spent one night in the car. we felt kind of scary because we didn’t  know if it is allowed to sleep in a car in spain (a few days later a friend told us that it’s no problem if you aren’t camping), and so we woke up at every little noise we heard and thought it’s the police who wants to arrest us :D
buuuut it was worth the fear, we saw a wonderful sunrise the next morning :)

after a little breakfast at the harbor (i cannot remeber the name of the city, must have been somewhere north of almeria), we continued our journey and stopped at a beach nearby for some sunbathing. we arrived in almeria in the late afternoon, i will show you some photos of the city in my next post.
here are some of the photos i took during our way to almeria, i was amazed by this landscape, it looked like a mix between desert and mountains and sometimes it reminded me a little bit of ‘breaking bad’ :)