sunshine award

the dear sonja from “silent wonderland” nominated me for the sunshine award a few days ago :) thanks so much, i feel very flattered.

the rules for this award are:

  • answer 10 questions of your own choosing
  • include the sunshine award image in your blog post
  • nominate 10 other bloggers
  • notify your nominees on their blog

as i’m not very creative today, i will answer the same questions as sonja did, i hope you don’t mind…

favourite colour? there’s not one favourite colour, but i do like yellow, green and blue
favourite animal? dogs. and cats as well :)
favourite drink? coffee and refreshing drinks in summer
favourite number? there’s no favourite number…
are you happy? at the moment… yes!
favourite tv show? that’s a hard one but i think it’s breaking bad
favourite book? i’m afraid there are too much good books… and no favourite one
giving or receiving gifts? both :) but i really like giving gifts, especially handmade gifts

and now the nominations… i have to disappoint you at that point, but i’m ignoring the rules and i’m not nominating 10 other blogs. instead i’d like to nominate all my followers and readers, you all bring sunshine into my life! thanks for liking my photos, this really means a lot to me!!

tree tuesday and awards

today i would like to show you  some photos i took on sunday during a walk. this time no ‘normal’ trees for tree tuesday but trunks and logs.

happy tree tuesday everyone :)


and more good news to come… i was nominated for two blogging awards the last few days. yaaay :) the dear ksenia nominated me for the versatile blogger award and dailyspro for the very inspiring blogger award :) thank you guys so much, this is really cool and i feel very flattered!

at this point i’d like to say thank you to all my dear followers, i am so happy you like my blog, you bring so much joy into my life!

                 inspirations-blogger                                                 versatileblogger111


since the rules for both awards are the same, i am writing them down just one time:

1) display the award logo on your blog
2) link back the person who nominated you
3) state 7 things about yourself
4) nominate 15 bloggers for the award and tell them about the nomination

i hope this isn’t against the rules but i am not going to nominate 30 people (because of a lack of time), instead i am going to nominate 6 bloggers for the very inspiring blogger award and 6 for the versatile blogger award.

here are 7 facts about me:
1) currently i am writing my bachelor thesis  2) about a week ago i was accepted at a photography school :)  3) i can’t wait for breaking bad to return  4) i’m a coffee-person  5) i love knitting in winter  6) i can’t wait to have my own dog  7) in a few months my life will be very different from now, i’m looking forward to it :)

here are the blogs which deserve the very inspiring blogger award:

1) moments
2) a walk with my camera
3) bella remy photography
4) christian v. photography
5) photographies from my soul
6) my life afterglow

and the bloggers which i’d like to nominate for the versatile blogger award:

1) screwiness-o-rama
2) sounds, pictures, words
3) hidden symmetries
4) black and white colours
5) capturing moments in the form of photographs
6) d’ici & d’ailleurs photography

those are all very awesome and inspiring photoblogs and absolutely worth a visit :)