schönbrunn palace

schönbrunn palace is one of the most famous sights in austria, and just around the corner from my new flat :) especially the garden around the palace is very beautiful in spring and fall.
i was there last week with a dear friend of mine, unfortunately we weren’t lucky with the weather. but i am hoping for some more sunny days to take  my camera out for a walk.

have a great weekend everyone!!

a foggy morning at the central cemetery in vienna

this morning me and a colleague from my photography class got up early to take some pictures at the central cemetery (zentralfriedhof) in vienna. the cemetery itself is huge and is divided into several different parts. today we were at the soldier part and at the old jewish part. we were hoping to see some deer and we were lucky, but couldn’t get close, the animals were very shy…

soldier cemetery:

old jewish cemetery:

weekly photo challenge: good morning vienna!


i took these pictures around an hour ago (yes, it really takes a long time to upload them, i still don’t have a better internet connection). this is the view from my new flat, pretty nice, isn’t it?
i hope the weather is getting better during the day, i would love to stay inside the whole day with a cup of tea and a cosy blanket, unfortunately i have to go to work and to the dentist. but i guess there will be more foggy fall days during the next few weeks :)

good morning-3good morning-2good morning

organic holiday

when we were in carinthia at the lake weissensee, we stayed at a little hotel which is an organic farm at the same time. it is owned by a very young and lovely family and they’re specialized in ‘organic holiday’, what means that all the food we enjoyed was organic or fair trade and the meat we had for dinner was from their own farm animals. we had a great time and i wanna come back for sure, maybe some time in winter for ice skating.

weekly photo challenge: an unusual POV

i took those pictures during my holiday in carinthia last week. we were at the lake weissensee, a very cool but crystal clear and beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains.





flooded austria

before i am going to share my pictures from istanbul with you guys, i would like to show you what’s going on in austria at the moment. since around 4 or 5 days huge parts of the country (mostly along the danube) are flooded with water because there were some heavy rainfalls during the weekend. as far as i’m informed, in the western parts of austira the water levels don’t rise anymore but the situation in the eastern parts of the country is still tense.

the first photo was taken in winter last year at the danube canal in vienna, this is how it usually looks like

donaukanal in winter

and this is how it looked like 45 minutes ago

danube canaltwo days ago i was in lower austira, the situation there (and also in upper austira) is much worse than in vienna, some places couldn’t be reached anymore and a lot of people were rescued by helicopters. also the houses of many people are damaged really badly… let’s hope the situation will calm down very soon.