my first lightpaintings

you might remember this post i shared a few weeks ago with you. i told you i am going to shoot my own lightpaintings soon and here they are :) i painted a logo for my blog, took some tries but i am happy with the final result.

for more awesome lightpaintings visit my ‘teacher’s’ homepage:

have a nice weekend everyone :)





evis lens



evi painted


feature: lightpaintings

a few days ago i met a talented viennese photographer per accident on facebook. i immediately was impressed by his work and wanted to hear more about it, so we started a conversation and he promised to take me out for a light painting session in vienna soon :) i am really looking forward to it. in the meantime, he sent me some pictures which i wanted to show you. hopefully i’ll be able to post my own paintings on the blog soon.

if you’re interested in his awesome shots, check out his homepage: or his facebook page!


flower painting