moorish spain: la mezquita de córdoba

again i am sorry for not posting for such a long time but i was on holiday in carinthia with my boyfriend last week, then had my first little exhibiton at my sister’s birthday party and shot my first wedding on saturday. so a lot is going on right now, but i’m not complaining ;)

today i wanna show you some more pictures i took in córdoba. the mezquita was originally built as a mosque and was then turned into a cathedral. the architecture is amazing, i loved the mix between moorish and christian culture.

istanbul: the blue mosque

as promised, here’s the first part of my istanbul series. one of the buildings i liked most was the blue mosque. i have never visited an islamic country before (except a layover stop in qatar) and i’ve also never seen a mosque from inside. you can imagine how impressed i was :)

when the last guest left years ago…

on monday me and a friend of mine explored this abandoned hotel somewhere in lower austria… it was very spooky every now and then, but really worth it!

some pictures might not be suitable for a weak stomach…

and btw… you won’t hear much from me the next few days, i’ll be in instanbul from thursday to monday, i promise i’ll show you lots of beautiful picutres when i’m back in austria :)

the abandoned factory

a while ago i got a hint to keep my eyes open for this abandoned factory, so i went there yesterday to take some adventure-photos! this was the most exciting place i ever took photos at, i am wondering how this factory looked like when it was in operation. it definitely has some stories to tell…