spain: landscape

at the end of our trip we were sunbathing at a very beautiful beach near ‘cabo de gata’ (close to almería), which is a natural park with a strange and simultaneously beautiful landscape. i had no idea that there are such desert-like regions in spain. isn’t that great?


spain: ronda

first of all i have to say i liked all the paces we visited in andalusia… but ronda was kind of special. we spent our night at the most lovely hostel in the city and from its terrace we also had an amazing view at the bridge.
one day i will come back  for sure :)


view from the hostel

spain: cádiz

cádiz was one of the next stops on our journey. it’s a very lovely city located directly at the sea. we spent just one day there because we couldn’t find a cheap place to stay. there are only a few hostels (i think just 2 or 3) and the lady at the tourist information told us: “it’s high season, you know?”. fortunately we had this kind of problem just in cádiz, even in ronda we found a very nice hostel in the middle of the city.
but we found a great solution, we spent the night in our car at the beach and enjoyed the most amazing sunrise the morning after :)

next morning’s sunrise:

spain: sevilla

i hope you’re not annoyed by my spain-posts already, there are  3 or 4 more to come. i know, i always take too many pictures, but i still HAVE to show you the pictures of ronda and cádiz :)

sevilla was our next stop, there we enjoyed amazing food (again), a feisty flamenco show, the “casa de pilatos” and the narrow streets of the city.

moorish spain: la mezquita de córdoba

again i am sorry for not posting for such a long time but i was on holiday in carinthia with my boyfriend last week, then had my first little exhibiton at my sister’s birthday party and shot my first wedding on saturday. so a lot is going on right now, but i’m not complaining ;)

today i wanna show you some more pictures i took in córdoba. the mezquita was originally built as a mosque and was then turned into a cathedral. the architecture is amazing, i loved the mix between moorish and christian culture.

weekly photo challenge: sea

i haven’t participated in the weekly photo challenge for a long time, but this week’s topic is the perfect opportunity for me to return.
sea reminds me of summer, holiday, having a really good time… of everything i actually had in spain a few weeks ago.

all those pictures were taken in cádiz, a lovely small town in andalusia.






spain: córdoba

after having had a really good time in granada, we continued our journey through andalusia and our next stop was córdoba. there we were really lucky with the weather, it was a bit cloudy and not too hot, perfect for sightseeing.
i loved the mezquita, which is a chathedral and was originally built as a mosque. i’ll show you some pictures of it in my next post. and in the meantime, enjoy córdoba :)

the view from our hostel

the view from our hostel

moorish spain: in love with the alhambra de granada

as mentioned in one of my previous posts, granada was our next stop on the andalusia-trip. there we visited an austrian a friend who was studying in granada for one year. he was a great tour guide and also managed to find a place for us to stay at another friend’s home. we had a really good time full of laughter and sangria ;)

we also visited the ‘alhambra de granada’ together, which is a wonderful and impressive palace and fortress, built in 889. i especially enjoyed the nasrid palaces and the beautiful gardens. for me, the alhambra was a  highlight during our journey and if you ever come to granada, take some time and visit the alhambra, you will not regret it!

alhambra de granada-33

from the alhambra, we also enjoyed a great view over the city

spain: the white villages

sorry for not posting regularly, but summertime is busy-time. i hope to have more time for blogging again in a few weeks …

in the meantime i’d like to show you another part of my holiday pictures from andalusia. after spending a night in almeria, we continued the trip towards granada (which i really liked, but more about that in the next post).

and of course we had to see some of the white villages (“pueblos blancos”) near the sierra nevada, we visited them on our way and here are some pictures i took on the road.

the villages we saw were “pampaneira” and “bubión”. both of them were gorgeous, it was absolutely worth the adventurous car ride :)