amsterdam-biking part I

dear followers and readers out there,

here’s the first part of my amsterdam-biking-series. some of you already know that i adore biking (especially in amsterdam – it’s the best way to explore the city and to get around) and i love taking picutres of people on bikes. don’t you think they look very stylish?

apart from that, i got a full-time-job now, and i’m afraid there’s not much time left for blogging. i’ll try my best to continue blogging regularly!

i whish you all a wonderful sunday!


weekly photo challenge: unique

all the bikes in beautiful amsterdam are unique… i have never seen so many bikes at antoher place on earth before (ok, copenhagen is very close). they make the whole city unique, actually i think there are more bikes in the city than inhabitants :)

i hope you’re not tired already of all my amsterdam and bike-photos but i love this city and especially biking there so much! all of these photos were shot with my lensbaby!







bikers in amsterdam

one of the things i loved most about amsterdam during my exchange semester was biking. people in amsterdam go almost everywhere by bike, they even have special bikes where they can carry their kids, pets or other stuff around. the cycle path network in the netherlands is excellent and you can reach everything by bike, it is kind of strange if you live in amsterdam and you don’t own a bike. you can see people of all ages and styles riding a bike there.
it’s best to buy a bike which is not too expensive, they get stolen very easily if don’t pay enough attention on locking it. unfortunately my first bike got stolen after 3 months but the second one stayed by my side until the end :)

here are some photos of bikers i took in amsterdam wiht my lensbaby.


amsterdam on a rainy day

these photos were taken during my last stay in amsterdam. i stayed there just for four days and wasn’t very lucky with the weather, so here are some shots of the city taken on a very rainy evening.

amsterdam and its canals

may introduce to you… the most beautiful city i have ever been to so far! 
from january to july 2011 i lived and studied in the capital city of the netherlands and i immediately fell in love with it and its bikes, canals and beautiful houses. amsterdam is absolutely worth a visit, i hope you like it as much as i do :)