workshop: working with a detachable flash unit

i had another workshop at my school on sunday last week. we already had one where we took portraits with the studio flash unit, this time we only worked with our detachable flash units. i always had some difficulties when using my flash, so i was very happy about the opportunity to learn how to use it right. i specially liked the diffused light you get when flashing against a white curtain or against a wall. i hope you also like it :)






workshop: image structure

sorry for being absent lately but i am working hard on my bachelor thesis and life is busy as well…

a while ago i posted some winter landscape pictures and asked you which ones you liked best. some of you might remember, they were taken for my application at a photography school.
now, some time later, i had my first photo workshop :) it was about image structure and we went to the ‘museumsquartier’ in vienna to take some pictures there. we had some tasks to fulfill, for example to try different perspectives or apertures and shutter speed. it was very interesting to see the different results.
and of course, i’d like to share some of those results with you!

have a great week everyone!