protests in turkey

dear people,

as you may know, i was in istanbul for the last few days. i arrived last week on thursday and stayed until monday; i hope you’re informed that on friday some serious protest started in istanbul, the police was (and still is) extremely violent towards the protestors, on friday and on sunday we could smell  tear gas all over the city, i almost couldn’t believe it. it all started because the government wants to build a shopping mall in one of the few remaining parks in istanbul, but  the protests grew rapidly and now they are against the “dictator” erdogan and his political party.  
worst of all, the turkish media are not reporting about what’s going on in the whole country and also the “occupy turkey”-page on facebook disappeared two days ago. nevertheless the people there stick togehter, everyone cares about the injured persons and it’s not only the young people who are protesting.

those are the pictures i took; we saw more protestors in the evenings, but unfortunately i left the camera at home… i’m sorry for the bad quality but i took those when i was sitting in a taxi.






i don’t know if you can see it but there are thousands of people on the bridge walking towards the city center


on sunday evening there was an appeal on facebook to be loud at 9 p.m., that meant all the people who were at home should make noise with pans and cooking spoons, it was amazing how many people joined this appeal. i was truly overwhelmed about this solidarity…
i was staying with two turkish friends of mine and was glad about that because it was very authentic and of course we also made some noise and tured on and off the light!

here’s a video i took on sunday evening (i know, i’m not the best cameraperson ;) but i think you get the message)

this video also may be interesting!

a little résumé

my blog is now one month old and i must say, i am really surprised how well the first month went. i didn’t expect so many views, so many likes and so many followers! 

at this point i simply say thank you for over 3.300 views and more than 40 followers! thank you guys so much, i appreciate that my blog and my photos are being liked and hope it will stay like that in the future :)

your evelyn