the most beautiful cemetery

sorry for being absent lately… i thought i would have a lot of time for blogging now that i finished my study. but somehow life is busy, but i’m not complaining about it ;)
in addition i’m working on my portfolio for a photography college, the entrance exam is on may 24th, i’m  a bit nervous already…

so today i got up early to take some photos at a cemetery in vienna, called “st. marxer friedhof”. it is the only remaining cemetery from the biedermeier period and was founded in 1784. wolfgang amadeus mozart is one of the most famous people who found their peace at this beatuiful place.
up to now i didn’t like cemeteries very much but today i stayed for almost two hours, this place was kind of magical for me… and for some reason i had to cry when i saw the pictures on my computer. i didn’t expect to get so emotional when seeing them, it was overwhelming. i definitely have to go back there one day…

morning sun and signs of spring :)

here in vienna we were very lucky with the weather the last 5 days or so, clear blue skies and mild temperatures improved my mood a lot :) since the weather is going to bring clouds and rain tomorrow, i decided to go out this morning to take some sunshine macro shots. i’m so looking forward so spring!!

unfortunately i am not the best biologist so i can’t tell you which plants i had in front of my lens… except the ivy leaf ;)


twig and bud

weekly photo challenge: thankful

although we do not celebrate thanksgiving in austria, there are lots of things i am thankful for, here are the most important ones…

i’m thankful for my famliy and friends who support me in everything i do and i always can count on them.
i’m thankful for so many opportunities i have in life. 
i’m thankful for my past, it made me who i am today.


it was hard for me to find a photo which symbolizes thankful, so i decided to post a green heart