so the first 2 semesters of my photography course are over. i met a lot of talented and lovely people, had great talks about great photographs and most important: i learnt a lot!!
there’s the opportunity to continue with a 3rd and 4th semester but i haven’t decided yet if i wanna do that. i’m going to take a summer break to practise what i learnt during the last year and maybe i’ll start with it in october.

we also had a final vernissage and exhibiton last tuesday, every student showed 4 of his/her best photographs and we all got a diploma. it was a successful evening, lots of people came to see our work, i enjoyed it a lot :) and by the way… i could get used to having exhibitions :D

i think some of you already know those pictures from previous posts, but here are my 4 exhibition photos.





10 thoughts on “vernissage

    • thank you so much, miss harper lee. it wasn’t easy to pick only 4 pictures, but in the end i am really happy with my choice :)
      have a wonderful day!

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