weekly photo challenge: eerie

some time ago i was asked by a friend to take pictures during her music video shoot. it was a great experience to see how a movie set is organized, there’s a huge effort behind it. i had an awesome time and really enjoyed being the photographer there.
i was waiting for the perfect opportunity to show you some of the pictures, and this week’s photo challenge seemed to be right.

scene 1:20130303-DSC_491620130303-DSC_493220130303-DSC_4950

scene 2:




12 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: eerie

    • freut mich sehr, dass sie dir gefallen. es war gar nicht so einfach ein laufendes mädchen mit fackel im dunklen zu fotografieren ;) aber ein paar sind ganz gut gelungen!!
      danke für all deine lieben kommentare!

  1. wow, they are different! I can totally not decide which ones I like best… the grey ones are very eerie, and atmospheric and make me think of old horror movies! just great and perfect at this time of year!

    • thank you ksenia :) you’re right, the grey ones look a bit like they were taken out from an old horror movie ;) somehow i prefer the colour ones, but that’s probably because it was a lot of fun to take them!
      have a great weekend!!

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