morning sun

now it’s official… winter is here. on monday this week the temperatures sank noticeable and it snowed the first time this season.
you can imagine that all this came along with really bad weather, i didn’t see the sun for a while. so i was more than happy about a few hours of sunshine in the morning just the other day.

dog portrait

i met this cute dog a few days ago when i was on a walk with kira (i took tons of pictures of her too, they’re coming soon).
i observed him for a while and had to smile because he was kind of cheeky, didn’t really listen to his owner and was stealing all the dog toys he could find at the dog-walking-area. fortunately he had no problem with me taking his portrait ;)


workshop: working with a detachable flash unit

i had another workshop at my school on sunday last week. we already had one where we took portraits with the studio flash unit, this time we only worked with our detachable flash units. i always had some difficulties when using my flash, so i was very happy about the opportunity to learn how to use it right. i specially liked the diffused light you get when flashing against a white curtain or against a wall. i hope you also like it :)






exploring my new neighborhood, part one

i am now living together with my boyfriend for around two months, and i must say i really like it :) the new flat is super-awesome and cozy, i just had to get used to not living in the city center anymore.
i wanted to explore my new neighborhood much earlier but couldn’t find the time to do it. the first part of my neighborhood-series shows the ‘westbahnhof’, one of vienna’s rail stations. i discovered this bridge a while ago and i loved it. i hope you do, too :)

weekly photo challenge: eerie

some time ago i was asked by a friend to take pictures during her music video shoot. it was a great experience to see how a movie set is organized, there’s a huge effort behind it. i had an awesome time and really enjoyed being the photographer there.
i was waiting for the perfect opportunity to show you some of the pictures, and this week’s photo challenge seemed to be right.

scene 1:20130303-DSC_491620130303-DSC_493220130303-DSC_4950

scene 2:




schönbrunn palace

schönbrunn palace is one of the most famous sights in austria, and just around the corner from my new flat :) especially the garden around the palace is very beautiful in spring and fall.
i was there last week with a dear friend of mine, unfortunately we weren’t lucky with the weather. but i am hoping for some more sunny days to take  my camera out for a walk.

have a great weekend everyone!!