spain: sevilla

i hope you’re not annoyed by my spain-posts already, there are  3 or 4 more to come. i know, i always take too many pictures, but i still HAVE to show you the pictures of ronda and cádiz :)

sevilla was our next stop, there we enjoyed amazing food (again), a feisty flamenco show, the “casa de pilatos” and the narrow streets of the city.

22 thoughts on “spain: sevilla

  1. Ohhh it is not annoying at all!! Seeing my country through your pictures makes me soooo happy! I went to Seville on February with a couple friends and we had the time of our lives! I absolutely love the city, its culture, its food and its architecture. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring my DSRL camera because I flew with a cheap airline and they didn’t allow me to carry a second bag, but I took some pictures with my Iphone. I really wanna go back and snap on some good pictures like yours! I posted some Seville travel tips some months ago and a few photos, feel free to take a look!

    • thanks a lot for your kind comment, i’m happy if my photos make you happy :) and thank you for the link, i’m going to take a look at it right now!
      have a wonderful day!

      • San Sebastion, Vigo, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Cuenca, Valencia, Barcelona, Girona – think that’s abt it. Some I did on my own and I also did a two week Cosmos bus tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco, was there about five weeks in all. Loved every bit of the three countries.

    • thank you! it’s beautiful indeed! we were there for one and a hlaf day and exhausted from the trip already, so we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we loved to. i hope i can visit again soon too :)

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