istanbul: the grand bazaar

sorry for not being very active on my blog recently, i was lazy taking pictures with my nikon, but i shot three films with the diana and brought them to the lab today, i hope i can present you some analog stuff again at the end of the week :)

in the meantime i found some more picutres from my istanbul-trip in june, this time i’m sharing my impressions of the grand bazaar with you, i hope you enjoy ;)
have a great week everyone!

13 thoughts on “istanbul: the grand bazaar

    • danke :)
      es hat mir total gut gefallen dort, ich mag das bunte treiben auf märkten generell. hab mir gleich echt schöne ohrringe gekauft, obwohl ich normalerweise nicht so der schmuck-typ bin. konnte aber nicht widerstehen ;)

  1. I also love going to bazaars or markets when in a new place. It is where I see the character of a city or place. Great photos Evis. Don’t worry, I too haven’t been that active lately. So yeah!

    • thanks a lot! markets and bazaars are great indeed, i could spend whole days there ;)
      hihi, maybe it’s the summer heat which makes us lazy!

  2. I loved the Bazaar in Istanbul but feel like I didn’t buy enough things….definitely want to go back and buy a couple of those beautiful chandelier / mosaic lights!!

    • yes, it’s amazing :) i only bought earrings and black tea, next time i get the chance i have to buy more things too!
      i also bought one of those lights at a small store near the bazaar, and i am really happy it survived the flight back home!

      oh and btw… your last comments were in my spam-folder… strangely. i don’t know why!

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