fun with the ferris wheel

when i took pictures at the prater a while ago, i also took some shots of the small ferris wheel (here’s the big one). i like this one a lot because it is very colourful and you can play around with different periods of exposure, what creates fun effects on the wheel.




i also took some pictures with the lensbaby


and then i tried to create some nice patterns with the spinning ferris wheel


bratislava part 2

around two months ago i was in bratislava with my boyfriend for one day, i already shared some pitures of our trip with you.
when i went to the lab last week, i didn’t know i still had some pictures of this trip on my black & white film and was pretty surprised about it, so i thought i would like to share them with you. and also because i’m very happy with the pictures i got, the black and white ones are, in my opinion, much nicer than those of the colour negative film.

news from the diana

recently i shot three films with the diana, two colour films and one black & white film. i wasn’t too thrilled about the results of the colour film (i used the lomography colour negative 400 film).
anyway, here are the best results out of the two colour films. i will show you the black & white pictures (which turned out really good) some time soon!

have a great week everyone!

more ferris wheel

on tuesday, i spent an evening at the ‘prater’, which is a huge amusement park in vienna and also one of the city’s most known landmarks. i wanted to take picutres with all the brigth lights during the blue hour, unfortulately the blue hour was way too short but i could take some nice pictures anyway ;)

so my next post of the ‘prater’ is one more thime the giant ferris wheel. i will show you another ferris wheel, a roundabout and lots of other fun stuff during the next few days.

istanbul: the grand bazaar

sorry for not being very active on my blog recently, i was lazy taking pictures with my nikon, but i shot three films with the diana and brought them to the lab today, i hope i can present you some analog stuff again at the end of the week :)

in the meantime i found some more picutres from my istanbul-trip in june, this time i’m sharing my impressions of the grand bazaar with you, i hope you enjoy ;)
have a great week everyone!