weekly photo challenge: companionable

kira, the dog was my companion for the last week, i took care of her while her owner was away on a festival in hungary.
thanks a lot to bernhard for entrusting your beauty to me.

we had a really good time with lots of walks and ball-playing and i got used to having a dog faster than i thought. it’s great to have a loyal companion on your side, she brought a lot of joy into my life and i have to admit i really miss her.
i wanted to take more outside-pictures of her but unfortunately my camera is STILL under repair, so i took some shots with the diana, i’m very curious about the results!

11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: companionable

    • you may be right about it… i took those pictures on the first day she was with me, she was missing her human indeed ;)
      when he took her back to her regular home he told me she missed me as well, that’s so adorable!

    • thanks a lot miss harper lee :)
      obviously she enjoyed staying with me as well, so her human gave her to me for this weekend while he is in italy :)

  1. it’s almost scary how fast one gets used to having a dog! I felt quite lonely after “giving” Milli back :*) oh well, one day we might have dogs of our own :-D

    • oh yes, i felt the same way!!
      i can hardly wait for having my own dog :) but first i should have a garden, kira is living in a flat in the city, which, in my opinion, is not the perfect environment for a dog!

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