my fluffy visitor

this post is specially for sylvia and all the memebers of kiras family :)

i think you already know kira, my cute dog-friend, i shared lots of her pictures on my blog. now she’s staying with me for around one week because her owner is away on a festival. we’re having lots of fun, she’s such a cutie and very well-bred.
i took many pictures of her with the d700, those you can see below were taken on saturday when me and a friend of mine took her for a walk.
i have more kira-pictures on my memory card, but at the moment i cannot find it, i think i mislaid it but it has to be in my room somewhere. so there are more photos to come!

5 thoughts on “my fluffy visitor

  1. tihi! being a dog sitter is so much fun! I really enjoy taking care of my moms dog when she’s travelling too! animal contact is so rewarding :-D pet Kira some extra from me ;-)

    • yes, it is indeed, and kira is just gorgeous and her character is really sweet :)
      hihi, she really enjoyed “your” distant loving care ;)

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