out with the d700

finally the heat wave is over, the last few days were extremely hot in austria with temperatures around 36 degrees. that’s the reason why i didn’t share anything here on my blog and additionally my camera is still under repair.
but here’s the good news: i could borrow a nikon d700 plus a 85mm f1,4 lens and a 24-70mm f2,8 lens from the camera store :D i think i’m in heaven, the 85mm-lens is awesome, i love shooting with it!
so yesterday evening i had to go outside to try it out, here are some of the pictures i took :)

21 thoughts on “out with the d700

  1. So happy to hear that your heat wave has ended. I’m sad to say that the heat will be with us well into October. ;-( Beautiful photos! The lady on the bicycle is my favorite!

    • oh my.. until october? sounds exhausting!! in austria it cooled off last night, this morning we only have 13 degrees, that’s way too cold for this time of the year!!
      thanks a lot, i am happy you like the pictures :)

    • thanks!! it’s a great lens, i miss taking picutres, i had to return the camera and mine is STILL under repair :((
      maybe i should ask if i can rent it one more time, the weather is lovely today!

    • yes, it was wonderful indeed, made me wanna buy a new lens very soon ;)
      thanks a lot, it makes me happy that you like them!
      have a wonderful day!

    • thanks a lot :) i wanna invest in a new lens now, but i’m not quite sure which one i wanna have, there are so many great ones!

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