strays of istanbul

as a cat and dog lover, i was kind of shocked when i first saw all the stray animals in istanbul, i never saw so many of them before (not even in thailnand i think). i wish i could give them all a warming and loving home, but to be realistic, that’s impossible ;)
i talked to my turkish friends about it, they told me that they sometimes feed the animals, i am truly thankful for that.

17 thoughts on “strays of istanbul

    • and i am happy your mommy does that as well ;) my turkish firends laughed at me when i told them i was taking pictures of the strays!
      i sometimes take pictures of dogs in vienna, too :D

  1. There are also lots of stray animals in my country. In the city, dogs and cats are common. In the countryside, you’d see chickens, goats, cows, and even water buffalos roaming around, although they’re not necessarily “owner-less.”

    • in which country do you live? here in austria we don’t have any stray animals, so everytime i see them it’s like kind of a culture shock for me…

  2. Well, in most of South East Asia they are technically food, while in the Middle East they are considered dirty and people are not overly keen to keep them in their houses as pets. By the way in Rome too there are loads of stray cats but they have a sanctuary where they are fed and looked after.

    • a while ago i saw a documentation on tv about the stray cats in rome, i was there twice already but didn’t see many of them on the streets!
      thanks for your comment!

    • oh yes, i can imagine the situation in india, heartbreaking indeed! all those poor animals.
      here in austria we’re lucky not to have any stray animals but in our neighbor countries like hungary or slovakia there are lots of them as well. some animal rights groups bring them across the border and look out for new owners here in austria or germany.

  3. Amazing! It is so difficult to photograph animals and you did it skillfully! My favorites are the two cat pictures with the one on the table and the one looking straight into the camera. If you have any photography tips, please share :)

    • oh, thanks a lot :)
      i love shooting animals!! the most important thing is that you have to be patient when taking pictures of animals, sometimes they just don’t want to be on the picture and sometimes i am just lucky ;)
      thanks a lot for your comment!

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