flooded austria

before i am going to share my pictures from istanbul with you guys, i would like to show you what’s going on in austria at the moment. since around 4 or 5 days huge parts of the country (mostly along the danube) are flooded with water because there were some heavy rainfalls during the weekend. as far as i’m informed, in the western parts of austira the water levels don’t rise anymore but the situation in the eastern parts of the country is still tense.

the first photo was taken in winter last year at the danube canal in vienna, this is how it usually looks like

donaukanal in winter

and this is how it looked like 45 minutes ago

danube canaltwo days ago i was in lower austira, the situation there (and also in upper austira) is much worse than in vienna, some places couldn’t be reached anymore and a lot of people were rescued by helicopters. also the houses of many people are damaged really badly… let’s hope the situation will calm down very soon.


17 thoughts on “flooded austria

    • ja leider… und es gibt orte an denen sieht’s noch viel übler aus! aber zum glück hat der regen jetzt endgültig aufgehört!

  1. We live near New Orleans, which was devastated during Hurricane Katrina, so we know that recovering from a flood is very, very difficult. Our thoughts are with all the people of Europe who are facing such challenges.
    P.S. You’ve been quite the citizen photo-journalist lately, Evi. Thank you so much for bringing the world to us.

    • yes, it is indeed. people started cleaning up after the flood, some places look like a real chaos. thanks a lot for your kind words!
      you and your home were affected by katrina too?
      you’re welcome, i had the same feeling too :) i really enjoyed being a photo-journalist, there was a lot going on around me lately.

  2. Looks bad :-( Some places are starting to develop floating houses in flood risk areas – houses that rise up with the water above a basement that drains afterwards. May be expensive but perhaps not as costly as the flooding.

    • some poeople say it’s worse than the flood of the year 2002… firefighters and also the austrian armed forces are doing a great job with the cleaning work.
      never heard about the floating houses, might be an option, but the country already spent millions on mobile dams after 2002, which was a really good thing. without them the situation would be much worse i guess.

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