weekly photo challenge: companionable

kira, the dog was my companion for the last week, i took care of her while her owner was away on a festival in hungary.
thanks a lot to bernhard for entrusting your beauty to me.

we had a really good time with lots of walks and ball-playing and i got used to having a dog faster than i thought. it’s great to have a loyal companion on your side, she brought a lot of joy into my life and i have to admit i really miss her.
i wanted to take more outside-pictures of her but unfortunately my camera is STILL under repair, so i took some shots with the diana, i’m very curious about the results!

my fluffy visitor

this post is specially for sylvia and all the memebers of kiras family :)

i think you already know kira, my cute dog-friend, i shared lots of her pictures on my blog. now she’s staying with me for around one week because her owner is away on a festival. we’re having lots of fun, she’s such a cutie and very well-bred.
i took many pictures of her with the d700, those you can see below were taken on saturday when me and a friend of mine took her for a walk.
i have more kira-pictures on my memory card, but at the moment i cannot find it, i think i mislaid it but it has to be in my room somewhere. so there are more photos to come!

out with the d700

finally the heat wave is over, the last few days were extremely hot in austria with temperatures around 36 degrees. that’s the reason why i didn’t share anything here on my blog and additionally my camera is still under repair.
but here’s the good news: i could borrow a nikon d700 plus a 85mm f1,4 lens and a 24-70mm f2,8 lens from the camera store :D i think i’m in heaven, the 85mm-lens is awesome, i love shooting with it!
so yesterday evening i had to go outside to try it out, here are some of the pictures i took :)

strays of istanbul

as a cat and dog lover, i was kind of shocked when i first saw all the stray animals in istanbul, i never saw so many of them before (not even in thailnand i think). i wish i could give them all a warming and loving home, but to be realistic, that’s impossible ;)
i talked to my turkish friends about it, they told me that they sometimes feed the animals, i am truly thankful for that.

me and the darkroom

in the context of my photography course i had a darkroom workshop a few weeks ago. i was fascinated immediately, so me and some of my course colleagues went to the darkroom one more time… and here’s what came out of it. the film i processed was a black & white lomo film, shot some time in winter with my lomo fisheye. i think some of the pictures turned out quite nice, other ones can be improved for sure.
i’m planning to go back to the darkroom soon (we can use the darkroom of the photography school), but next time i will try to process a diana-medium-format-film :)
as i’m not experienced at all with all the darkroom-work, i would be happy about any kind of feedback here :)

in love with poppies

when in istanbul, i had a little accident with my camera and i cannot use it right now because it is under repair.
my roommate was so kind to lend me her canon-camera for my architecture-photography-homework. on my way to the universtiy (i took photos there for the homework), i stopped at this beautiful little poppy-garden. isn’t it beautiful to see flowers in the middle of a crowded city? those poppies absolutely made my day :)