when the last guest left years ago…

on monday me and a friend of mine explored this abandoned hotel somewhere in lower austria… it was very spooky every now and then, but really worth it!

some pictures might not be suitable for a weak stomach…

and btw… you won’t hear much from me the next few days, i’ll be in instanbul from thursday to monday, i promise i’ll show you lots of beautiful picutres when i’m back in austria :)

15 thoughts on “when the last guest left years ago…

  1. Such interesting and beautiful pictures, in a spooky way. :-) It’s like time just stopped. Have a great time in Istanbul. My humans were there a year ago. They loved it. Great opportunities for photography, so we cannot wait to see what you and your camera capture!

    • thank you miss harper lee, it was awesome and spooky at the same time :)
      i’m very excited about istanbul, about the food, the culture and everything and given the fact that it’s very cold in vienna right now (around 12 degrees), i’m even more excited!

    • it was awesome being there, but really scary when the doors snapped shut because of the wind… but it was worth getting over the fear ;)

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