when the last guest left years ago…

on monday me and a friend of mine explored this abandoned hotel somewhere in lower austria… it was very spooky every now and then, but really worth it!

some pictures might not be suitable for a weak stomach…

and btw… you won’t hear much from me the next few days, i’ll be in instanbul from thursday to monday, i promise i’ll show you lots of beautiful picutres when i’m back in austria :)


yesterday my roommate and another friend were participating in the x-cross-run in vienna and of course i had to take pictures of the atheletes there. it looked like a lot of fun with all the water and mud – if it will be warmer next year (it was around 16 degrees and very windy yesterday) – i’m thinking about joining as well :)


sunshine award

the dear sonja from “silent wonderland” nominated me for the sunshine award a few days ago :) thanks so much, i feel very flattered.

the rules for this award are:

  • answer 10 questions of your own choosing
  • include the sunshine award image in your blog post
  • nominate 10 other bloggers
  • notify your nominees on their blog

as i’m not very creative today, i will answer the same questions as sonja did, i hope you don’t mind…

favourite colour? there’s not one favourite colour, but i do like yellow, green and blue
favourite animal? dogs. and cats as well :)
favourite drink? coffee and refreshing drinks in summer
favourite number? there’s no favourite number…
are you happy? at the moment… yes!
favourite tv show? that’s a hard one but i think it’s breaking bad
favourite book? i’m afraid there are too much good books… and no favourite one
giving or receiving gifts? both :) but i really like giving gifts, especially handmade gifts

and now the nominations… i have to disappoint you at that point, but i’m ignoring the rules and i’m not nominating 10 other blogs. instead i’d like to nominate all my followers and readers, you all bring sunshine into my life! thanks for liking my photos, this really means a lot to me!!

the most beautiful cemetery

sorry for being absent lately… i thought i would have a lot of time for blogging now that i finished my study. but somehow life is busy, but i’m not complaining about it ;)
in addition i’m working on my portfolio for a photography college, the entrance exam is on may 24th, i’m  a bit nervous already…

so today i got up early to take some photos at a cemetery in vienna, called “st. marxer friedhof”. it is the only remaining cemetery from the biedermeier period and was founded in 1784. wolfgang amadeus mozart is one of the most famous people who found their peace at this beatuiful place.
up to now i didn’t like cemeteries very much but today i stayed for almost two hours, this place was kind of magical for me… and for some reason i had to cry when i saw the pictures on my computer. i didn’t expect to get so emotional when seeing them, it was overwhelming. i definitely have to go back there one day…