a walk with kira

may i introduce… this is kira, one of the most beautiful dogs on earth ;) she’s the dog of a friend of mine and we went for a walk near a quarry a while ago. she’s almost two years old and full of energy, but very lovely and adorable at the same time. you just have to love her :)


21 thoughts on “a walk with kira

    • haha, that’s a good question, i have to ask her owner about it ;) but i know one thing for sure… she’s the absolute opposite of a couchpotatoe :)

    • yes, she really is. her owner liberated her from a chain in hungary or so when she was a few months old, now she is enjoying her liberty.
      i would have been surpirsed if it wasn’t the black and white one ;)

      thank you for stopping by joey. have a great day!

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