the abandoned factory

a while ago i got a hint to keep my eyes open for this abandoned factory, so i went there yesterday to take some adventure-photos! this was the most exciting place i ever took photos at, i am wondering how this factory looked like when it was in operation. it definitely has some stories to tell…


32 thoughts on “the abandoned factory

    • thanks a lot jesús! i’m wondering why i didn’t go there earlier, but it was worth waiting, i was very lucky with the weather and the light, just like i imagined it :)

    • thank you greg! as far as i know it was a cement factory before… it was built in 1896 and closed in 1996. the factory itself is divided into two parts, but they’re knocking down the bigger part of it already. would have been awesome to take photos there as well because it is much bigger than the one where i was.

      • Thanks Evi – well, it’s a great looking place and yes, a shame you didn’t get to shoot the bigger part before it was demolished – looks an interesting building though, and given an extra dimension with the graffiti! Your photos might be an interesting reference for social historians in a few hundred years’ time!

    • yes, it was fascinating and kind of mysterious… i think i have to go back one more time to explore more parts of it before they’re totally knocking it down…

    • yeah, it really was a cool place to take photos at! i’m already looking for more abandoned buildings to photograph, it was soo exciting to be there!

    • thank you! you really should do it if you get the chance! it’s so exciting to explore such kind of places. i still wonder how it looked like around 15 years ago…

  1. Ich mag solche Orte und glücklicherweise gibt es in Serbien davon jede Menge. Das Wetter spielt leider nicht mit.
    Vielen Dank für die tollen Fotos!

    • Ja ich bin froh dass ich mit dem Wetter Glück hatte, vor 2 Tagen hat es hier auch wieder zu schneien begonnen… Ich hab demnächst vor, mal in Tschechien auf die Suche nach verlassenen Gebäuden zu gehen!
      Danke für deinen Kommentar!
      Lg, Evi

    • vielen lieben dank, ich muss ehrlich gestehen, ich bin selber ganz begeistert von den bildern ;) ich wünsch dir schöne osterferien!

    • vielen dank! bei mir siehts eh auch ähnlich aus, bin zwar ‘daheim’ in oberösterreich, bin aber fleißig am bachelorarbeit schreiben ;) viel erfolg!

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