bangkok impressions

unfortunately couldn’t find much time to take some pictures lately, so i would like to show you some more photos form my thailand-trip last year in february.
all these photos were taken in bangkok at the beginning of our trip. bangkok was our first destination, from there we travelled up north to sukhothai to see some old buddhist temples, then back to bangkok and from there we took the train  down south to enjoy the beautiful islands and beaches :)

6 thoughts on “bangkok impressions

  1. Very nice journal. I’m reading from my iPod so not sure how this translates on a desktop, but the layout is very interesting. It keeps my eyes moving to each of your beautiful images. You have a wonderful eye for capturing and creating your shots, something I work on constantly. Love your Bangkok Trails.

    • oh, thank your for checking out my photos and leaving such a kind comment :)
      i edited those photos almost a year ago, if i look at them now i am not too happy with the colours. but anyway, i am happy you like my photos :)
      have a great weekend!

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