an afternoon with my lomo fisheye

here are some more of my analog photos taken with my lomography fisheye. as mentioned in my last tree tuesday post, i am very new to analog photography but i am happy with those pictures. it’s always a surprise how the pictures look like when you see them the first time. all of them were taken the same day as the ones in this post on a 35mm black & white white lomography film.



graffiti wall



17 thoughts on “an afternoon with my lomo fisheye

  1. I’ve been wanting to buy fisheye lens for my dslr though, I think I might reconsider of getting one. :) These are naturally good. Were these taken in A’dam?

    • thank you a lot! and no… they weren’t taken in amsterdam.. i wish i took them there though ;)
      a friend of mine has a fisheye for his dslr, you can take such creative and funny pictures with it :)

  2. wow, these are beautiful pictures of vienna. gloomy, but still beautiful. the first one is my favorite.
    do you develop them on your own?

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