tree tuesday

it’s tree tuesday again :) and my first post with photos taken the analog way with my lomograpyh fisheye on a 35mm black & white film! i am not really experienced in analog photography but i hope you like them anyway :)


fisheye trees


11 thoughts on “tree tuesday

  1. Love them! Working with with analog cameras is so different from how we’re used to, right? How you can’t see the image before it’s printed.. And when you’re new you also don’t know how the focusing works, or if the viewfinder even shows you what you’re shooting. But the results are a surprise, and that’s really fun. I wish I had cameras that do 35mm film. Few shops print 110 and 120, in Oslo anyway..

    • thank you ksenia :)
      you’re right, it is different indeed, i love the feeling of waiting for the picutres to get developed and it is always such a surpirse when you see the final result! fortunately i found a very good lab to get my photos printed there! but i still have to practice a lot, i can handle my lomo fisheye well i think but with the diana i still have my problems ;)

  2. These are great Evi, just like a world of its own, wonderful!
    Love to see you using film, isn’t it a great feeling to it?
    Happy Tree Tuesday! :-)

    • thank you marie, i am so happy you like them :)
      using films is so much fun, i love the surprise feeling i have when seeing the photos the first time :) still have to practice a bit more with my diana, i didn’t like the results of the first film i shot…
      happy tree tuesday to you, too :)

    • haha that would have been awesome :) those photos are wide open for interpretations, you’re the second person who is seeing something different in them!
      thank you anyway for your comment and have a great day!

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