my first lightpaintings

you might remember this post i shared a few weeks ago with you. i told you i am going to shoot my own lightpaintings soon and here they are :) i painted a logo for my blog, took some tries but i am happy with the final result.

for more awesome lightpaintings visit my ‘teacher’s’ homepage:

have a nice weekend everyone :)





evis lens



evi painted


14 thoughts on “my first lightpaintings

  1. Hi Evelyn,

    I stumbled across your blog and took a quick look through it – and I really like these light paintings! You did a great job with them! It’s always something I’ve wanted to dedicate time to but just haven’t done it yet… Thanks so much for posting these!

    • hey joe,
      thank you for stopping by :) and thanks for your kind words, it’s great that you like the pictures!
      you should try your own lightpaintings, you can be very creative while shooting them and it is so much fun!!

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