some rare moments of sunshine

since we haven’t had much of sunshine here in vienna the last few weeks i was excited the last two days. both of them began with plenty of sunshine and then turned into a cloudy afternoon. so this morning i took my camera and went to the ‘cobenzl’ in vienna with my boyfiend for a sunshine walk. from there you can enjoy an amazing view over the city and here are some of the photos from today which i’d like to share with you. all of them are taken with my lensbaby.





sunny way

winter plant

winter plant

winter plant

10 thoughts on “some rare moments of sunshine

  1. hej :) kannst du diese antwort empangen, evi? dann könnte ich dir ab und zu direktes feedback geben, falls du willst. ciao ;)

     peter geishofer rosenauerstraße 52/3/17 4040 linz/urfahr, austria peter.geishofer(at) +43-650-8392771

    • ja klar geht das, muss nur zuerst den kommentar ‘approven’, mir fällt grade das deutsche wort dafür nicht ein ;)
      feedback ist natürlich immer gerne willkommen, nur her damit!!

    • yeah, the effect is great, makes the photos more vivid! i used a special lens for these shots, called lensbaby (mine is the muse), you have to squeeze the lens to focus. it’s real fun to shoot with that lens :)

      have a great day,

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