bikers in amsterdam

one of the things i loved most about amsterdam during my exchange semester was biking. people in amsterdam go almost everywhere by bike, they even have special bikes where they can carry their kids, pets or other stuff around. the cycle path network in the netherlands is excellent and you can reach everything by bike, it is kind of strange if you live in amsterdam and you don’t own a bike. you can see people of all ages and styles riding a bike there.
it’s best to buy a bike which is not too expensive, they get stolen very easily if don’t pay enough attention on locking it. unfortunately my first bike got stolen after 3 months but the second one stayed by my side until the end :)

here are some photos of bikers i took in amsterdam wiht my lensbaby.


6 thoughts on “bikers in amsterdam

  1. I found the bikers in Amsterdam amazing and amusing at the same time. I saw people dressed up all spiffy but they were just biking their way to school or work. Very cool! :-)

    • thank you!!
      all the bikers are fascinating indeed, when i was in amsterdam for the first time i found them kind of funny as well :) but i think all the biking is slowing the city down and i never had the feeling of living in a very hectic city, it was a great sense of life!

  2. Cool shots Evelyn. I’m loving your lensbaby. You’re right there’s no where like it in the world. Today however, there will be very little bike riding, my mom says the snow is still deep on the ground and the freezing temps have her inside as the roads and sidewalks are slick.


    • thank you a lot joey! the lensbaby was perfect for these shots, it brings some nice dynamics into the image.
      oh, how wonderful, would have been nice to see the city covered in snow, i never had the pleasure. but i’m sure some people were riding their bike despite all the snow ;)

  3. You’re very lucky to have live in Amsterdam and experienced the whole bike culture. It is still one of my aims to spend a year there. I love the respect the rider has- something that isn’t the case in Sydney, Australia. I love your shots and I too found the riders fascinating to watch and photograph. I think my favourite is your bridge shot. regards Peter

    • thank you peter :)
      your’re right, it’s the same here in austria, some people see bikers in vienna as misplaced, so unfortunately it isn’t as easy as in amsterdam to ride a bike here.
      i hope you get the chance to spend a year over there, it’s a great place, i am still visiting as often as possilbe!
      have a great day,

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