same place – different day

thought it would be fun to take two shots of one place on different days and different time of day. 
both were taken from the footbridge at the ‘donaukanal’ in vienna – i just realized i take a lot of photos there ;) –  the first one is from last saturday and the snowy one from today’s afternoon. as you can see, it snowed a lot in vienna last night, i was very excited and went out for a small photo tour in the afternoon, will share some of the photos soon!

night at the bridge

snow at the bridge


8 thoughts on “same place – different day

  1. Fascinating how many different looks the same location can have depending on the season, time of day, or weather. I think one of the best things a photographer can do is continue to revisit their subject matter, shooting as time goes by. Results will always be different.

    • you’re right, it is very fascinatin. for these two shots i was very lucky with the snow, the second picture produces a much more queit and calm mood. i also went back to the ‘augarten’ and its flak towers, haven’t found the time to look at the photos but i’m very curious about the results!

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