weekly photo challenge: illumination

first of all… i love the topic of this week’s challenge :)

this week i couldn’t find any appropriate photos on my hard disk, so i went out the last two evenings to take some illuminated shots. most of them are photos of bridges (at the ‘donaukanal in vienna) or taken from a bridge. i couldn’t decide which photo to share with you, so here are the ones i like most!

enjoy and a wonderful sunday to everyone :)


gürtel vienna



footbridge from below


urban art

illuminated bridge

light reflection

bridge neon light


17 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: illumination

  1. Nice job on these Evi – I sometimes wished I lived in a more urban environment when I see shots like these – all I get are hills, fields and sheep! Greg

    (ps: I like the structure of the last one, though I’d have cropped a bit more in from the left so that both diagonals ended up exactly hitting the corners – just my OCD coming out I think!

    • thank you a lot greg!
      funny – i sometimes wish to live in a more rural area, would love to take more landscape photos…

      thanks for your tip, but i didn’t crop it on purpose :) pretty much like it the way it is.
      have a great day,

      • Ha ha, well I wasn’t trying to tell you how you should have done it, I was just thinking how I would have cropped it – I find it difficult sometimes to look at other people’s photos without itching to change them a bit! (I also do it with reading as I used to do a lot of proof-reading and editing – so I find it hard to read something without having the urge get the red pen out and make notes in the margin!)

    • thank you marie, i wanted to take these two shots for a while now, and this week’s photo challenge finally was the right occasion for it :)
      have a wonderful day,

    • that’s great :) i’m sure you will have a lot of fun with your tripod!
      i’m more or less a beginner as well but it is important to find good locations with good light, bridges are nice if you want to capture the light of the driving cars or illuminated buildings with streets in front of them. i mostly find new locations when i’m on the move in vienna, sometimes they’re good and sometimes the results aren’t like i imagined them. just go out there and try, i’m sure you’ll find your way!
      and one tip my brother gave me: shoot with selftimer, so you don’t have to touch the camera when you want to pull the trigger.

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