amsterdam on a rainy day

these photos were taken during my last stay in amsterdam. i stayed there just for four days and wasn’t very lucky with the weather, so here are some shots of the city taken on a very rainy evening.

12 thoughts on “amsterdam on a rainy day

  1. Just the way I remember it Evelyn. It seems to do a lot of raining in the Netherlands. Those shots are perfect. Great mood and composition and nice lighting which isn’t easy when the weather is not cooperating. ;-)

    • thank you a lot joey :) it is raining a lot in the netherlands indeed… i have to admit, when i lived there, the weather was the only thing i didn’t like. sometimes you can see snow, rain and sunshine on just one day ;)

    • i feel very flattered, thank you for your lovely comment :)
      amsterdam is the capital city of bikers, it’s one of the things i love most about this beautiful place!
      have a wonderful day,

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