wurstelprater at night

the prater is first of all a park in vienna’s second district. it is very large and perfect for a walk or a run.
the ‘wurstelprater’ is located at the corner of the prater-park and is one of the oledst amusement parks in the world. very well known for the famous ‘riesenrad’ – the red ferris wheel. the prater is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and free of charge.

when we had some visitors from germany for new year’s eve we showed them, of course, the prater. needless to say, i took my camera with me and here is what came out of it at the end. all photos were shot with the lensbaby except the third one – i used my wide angle lens for that shot!

6 thoughts on “wurstelprater at night

  1. evelyn all of these photos are just wonderful :) love the colours of the amusement park at night, my favourite photo is the small ferris wheel <3 loved your focus

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