my second nomination – very inspiring blogger award :)


yesterday i was nominated by ksenia for the very inspiring blogger award. i felt very flattered, i didn’t expect a second nomination that fast after the first one :) so thank you ksenia, you made my day!

here are the rules of the very inspiring blogger award:
link back the person who nominated you / post the award image on your page / tell seven random facts about yourself / nominate fifteen other blogs

seven facts about me:
i’m the youngest of three siblings / i’m addicted to english breakfast / cat and dog lover / i’m living in a shared apartment / i’m starting to try analogue photography in 2013 / i love biking / in love with amsterdam

the blogs i nominate for the award (i don’t nominate 15):

8 thoughts on “my second nomination – very inspiring blogger award :)

  1. so sweet :) thank you darling
    i have analogue cameras, i have a roll of undeveloped film in my handbag (somewhere) it’s a fun process with exciting results

    • you’re welcome. i like your blog a lot!
      oh really? a lot of photographers told me recently that the love processing their photos in their darkrooms, must be very fascinating.

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