it’s freezing cold outside

at the moment it is freezing cold in vienna. when i woke up today it was minus 10 degrees outside and even the windows in our flat were partly frozen. fortunately i don’t have to leave the house today :) but what relly confuses me is what i heard on the radio this morning… the weatherguy predicted  plus 13 degrees for next wednesday…

ice drops

ice window

freezing window



feature: lightpaintings

a few days ago i met a talented viennese photographer per accident on facebook. i immediately was impressed by his work and wanted to hear more about it, so we started a conversation and he promised to take me out for a light painting session in vienna soon :) i am really looking forward to it. in the meantime, he sent me some pictures which i wanted to show you. hopefully i’ll be able to post my own paintings on the blog soon.

if you’re interested in his awesome shots, check out his homepage: or his facebook page!


flower painting



a frozen world

today i’d like to show you some some foggy and and cold photos. i took them last sunday at the ‘prater’ in vienna with my one flatmate while my other flatmate was successfully participating in a winter run :)

further, i am thinking about applying at a photography school and therefore i have to submit 5 shots with the topic “winter landscape”. what do you guys think, are there any of these shots which i could use? i am happy for all your thoughts and suggestions.



frozen lake


winter at the lake

winter lake


foggy trees


winter trees

snow branches


here are some shots i took today on an afternoon walk with a dear friend (again) at the ‘donaukanal’ in vienna. it snowed a lot the last 2 days, but i have to admit i love it, i never saw so much snow in this city so far :)