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  1. Love this shot Evelyn – the movement of the cars and people, the globe, the neon jazz signs all coming together in the one shot – they really capture the spirit of NY (even though I’ve never been and am desperate to go! G

      • You’re welcome It’s right at the top of the list for me, although I’m quite sure however long I went for wouldn’t be enough! A friend of mine went last year for five days – he’s not a photographer but he took hundreds of shots and said that wherever you look there’s a great photo opportunity! How long did you stay for?

    • that is true indeed, there are millions of photo opportunities, my personal highlight in new york was the highline and the empire state building. i was there in july last year for 6 days but there would have been much more to see and explore!

      • Ah, lucky you! The ESB would be one of my first places to see – I’m sure that when I do get to make the trip there I won’t want to leave! In the meantime, I have to continue photographing fields, hills and sheep I guess! G

      • Well, I hope so! The only thing that I would be concerned about would be trying to find something new to say about the place! It must be one of, if not THE most photographed place in the world (although I do love that shot of yours as it has all the right ingredients – it’d make a great album cover shot, by the way!) So, sheep and hills in the meantime! Are you based in Vienna or were your recents shots from there taken on a visit? G

      • finding something new could be hard – but everyone sees the city through his or her own eyes, that’s what makes the photographs unique.
        yes, i am based in vienna, a very photogenic city as well :)

  2. Yes, as you say, it’s all really down to the photographer’s eye ultimately (though some nice equipment and good locations are always going to help!) Vienna looks beautiful – I haven’t visited Austria but I’ve made quite a few visits to Germany over the past years as I have a friend there – maybe I’ll have to add it to the list! G

    • which camera do you use for your photos?
      vienna is totoally worth a visit as well, especially for architecture photography, there are tons of beautiful buildings to photograph!

      • Yes, I’ definitely like to go there – maybe the next time I go to Germany I can extend the trip – I’ll see if I can get my friend to drive across – not sure how far away it is though, he’s near Darmstadt. For cameras, I use the Fuji X100 at the moment – I sold all my big DSLR kit a year or more ago as I found I wasn’t taking it out very often due to the size!

        The Fuji is really nice, fixed 35mm lens and I think the images it produces often have a sort of dreamy, film-like quality to them – but there are obviously times when a DSLR and a variety of lenses would be more useful – maybe I’ll have to consider getting another one again!

        I quite like the micro four thirds approach too, in terms of the size – the Olympus OM-D looks particularly good and has the tilt screen which would be good for discreet street photography – or possibly the new Fuji XE-1 – they both of which use interchangeable lenses – so much choice (and unfortunately, so little money!) What do you shoot with? G

      • unfortunately darmstadt isn’t very close to vienna, vienna is located in the east of austria and i guess it would be a 7 or 8 hours car ride from there to vienna. but it would definitely be worth it ;)
        i immediately started with a dslr – a nikon d300s, and i don’t wanna miss it anymore. it was kind of risky to buy such an expensive camera at the beginning coz i didn’t know how much i would use it but it was worth the risk – i take a lot of photos with it and through the time i bought different lenses (one wide-angle lens, a macro tube extension set, my lensbaby, a zoom lens and a 50mm lens). the wide-angle and the lensbaby are my favourite ones.
        and then i own a lomo-fisheye, a diana f (bought it 2 weeks ago because i thought i shoud try analogue photography) and a polariond 600 camera.

  3. That’s quite a collection you have there by the sound of it!

    I was looking at the lensbaby stuff and that looks pretty interesting – when I first came across it I thought that it was perhaps a bit too gimmicky but you see it mentioned increasingly by people as being a good system. I did use Nikon some years ago but when I got into DSLRs I switched to Canon as their systems and lenses to me felt better.

    I think if I went back to a DSLR it would probably be the Canon 5D mk11 or mk111 – although at that sort of level, I think many of the top brands of camera will give similar results so it’s down to personal preference.

    And as for the distance to Vienna from Darmstadt, well that does sound like quite a long roadtrip so maybe I’d have to make a trip to Vienna directly (well, unless my friend feels like doing a drive of that length – I think he often goes down to Munich and up to Hanover which are similar length journeys!)

    The Diana F looks like quite a fun camera to use – do you have your own darkroom or get your films processed and printed for you?

    • i like the lensbaby a lot because you can be very creative when you work with it. was very happy when i saw it under the cristmas tree tow weeks ago :)
      you could go from darmstadt to munich (a nice city as well though i haven’t been in the center, just at the airport but a friend of mine is living there) and then to vienna – from there it should be 4 or 5 hours. and there are some good and fast train connections as well!
      no, unfortunaltely i don’t have my own darkroom, would be too early, currently i am shooting my first film with the diana – i am going to get them processed at a lab!

  4. Thanks for the travel tips, I’ll give that some thought! I’ve visited Munich in the past as another friend of mine lived there – I thought it was a really nice, relaxed-feeling city – I wasn’t so much into photography at the time so have nothing to show for it unfortunately, although I vaguely recall shooting some slide film there – I don’t know, maybe that was a dream!

    I used to teach the basics of developing/printing to students when I used to teach on a fine art course at a college – haven’t done any for years since, but I always enjoyed that process, particularly when the image magically starts to appear on the paper – I never tired of seeing that!

    Of course, you can get far more sophisticated levels of processing on screen now so it’s much easier – although the magic isn’t quite there! I look forward to seeing the results from your Diana anyway, if you decide to post any images (or even if you don’t you can email them maybe!) – can you use the lomo fisheye and other lenses on the Diana or is it just a stand-alone camera with a fixed lens? G

    • all the analogue stuff is very new to me – some bloggers here inspired me to give it a try, i’m very curious about the first film of the diana. with the fisheye i took some shots in nyc, but i’m not too happy with the results… i think i used the wrong film… maybe there are some classes or workshops in vienna about darkroom and processing. would be quite interesting to see that!
      it depends on the results of the diana – if i like them, i will of course post some of the photos on my blog. i bought the camera in amsterdam and took some shots there, the rest is going to be shot in vienna i guess.
      no, i can’t use the fisheye or any other lenses with the diana, it is a fixed lens!

  5. Well, I started out with film (as that was all there was available!) and you just accepted its limitations, small number of frames per roll, having to get it processed and so on! Now we can take a digital picture and send it round the world in seconds!

    But I think the Diana will be an interesting experiment, especially with a single fixed (presumably 35mm lens?) (and I’ve found the 35mm fixed lens of the Fuji X100 both restrictive and liberating at the same time – if that makes any sense!

    Film perhaps teaches you to be more thoughtful in your approach and you tend to consider each shot more carefully – a bit like a painter using a restricted palette of colours in a way. I occasionally think about the idea of getting an older Leica rangefinder film camera, or a medium format Mamiya or Hasselblad – it’s quite a romantic idea to me (but then I think about the pain of getting the developing/processing done, waiting for ages to get back the results and I’m put off again!)

    It’s difficult once you get used to having instant results using digital, to go back to film again – but as I say, there’s the romance and artistry of using film – I suppose some photographers like to go back to the roots of image making (similarly with people now moving back to music on vinyl rather than CD or mp3) – and in that way perhaps they feel a closer connection with the subject using film – digital is ultimately about creating a computer file – nothing too artistic or romantic about that process, I don’t think!

  6. the diana has a 75mm lens. one of the reasons why i wanted to try analogue photography is exactly the fact that you are more careful about what and when you shoot. had a similar experience with my polaroid camera, just the impossilble films for the camera are very, very expensive, 8 shots for about 20 euro. so you really have to consider each shot carefully. with the polaroid camera i’m just shooting on very special occasions.
    i’m sure i’m not going back to analogue totally – love my nikon too much – but i think it is a great opportunity and sharpens your eyes!

  7. Ah, it’s a 75mm, that’s interesting – did you say it used 120 film? Yes, those polaroid films are hugely expensive! That’s another thing that puts me off about film – I got offered a Mamiya with a spare Polaroid back last year but changed my mind when I looked into the cost – as you say, I think you’d have to think extremely carefully about exactly what you shoot before you decided to press the shutter! Well, unless you’re a professional photographer of course (are you?!) in which case no problem – one thing I do like the idea of in a mechanical camera is not having to rely on batteries though, I forever seem to have a couple of chargers with batteries on the go! G

  8. yes, it’s a 75mm – i didn’t mention the film before – it is a 120.
    no – i am not a professional photographer (amateur photographer for around 1,5 years by now) but would be nice to become one – one day maybe.

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