amsterdam and its canals

may introduce to you… the most beautiful city i have ever been to so far! 
from january to july 2011 i lived and studied in the capital city of the netherlands and i immediately fell in love with it and its bikes, canals and beautiful houses. amsterdam is absolutely worth a visit, i hope you like it as much as i do :)


11 thoughts on “amsterdam and its canals

  1. Lovely black and white capture of one of Amsterdam’s canals as well as all the others. Love the bike! :-). I was born there so Amsterdam has always held a certain magic for me. I’m glad you got to live and study there. Such an experience. It’s a photographer’s dream city with the beautiful gables, crooked houses, narrow alleys (steegjes). I was sick the last time I was over in November so I didn’t get to take any photos in the city which was a real bummer. I had specially brought my camera and film. Off course I did get some shots near my mom’s home but the film was pretty much trashed by the x-rays and I only salvaged a few images. Great job!

    • dank je wel :) i am really glad i have chosen amsterdam for my exchange semester, from the first day on i was overwhelmed by the kindness and hospitality of the dutch people… and i started photographing during my stay there :) i still try to be there as often as a student can afford it. i also travelled a lot during my stay in the netherlands because there are some very good and cheap connections to other nice places in europe, for example paris or cities in germany.
      it’s a pity that you couldn’t take more pictures the last time you were there, hope you can take some more next time you’re visiting, i am looking forward to seeing them :)
      have a nice sunday!

      • I’m glad that you found the Dutch to be so hospitable. As a small country they are known for their kindness to students and tourists. You do a great job photographing for someone who just started, Evelyn. Don’t quit! Travel throughout Europe is still inexpensive compared to here. Did you get a Euro rail pass? I had one of those when was over there in my early 20’s. It allowed travel in trains, buses and trams and really cut down on the cost. It has gotten a lot more expensive nowadays though but still affordable compared to travel in the States. I go back once a year to see family. My dad passed last year in December and now my mom and aunt are the only ones left. Enjoy your travels and I’m so looking forward to seeing more of your great images. Have a great Sunday.


        • i also liked the multiculturality in amsterdam, living there was a very different feeling than living in vienna. and all the bikes are incredible :)
          thank you for your kind words, i try my best and finally found my passion in photography, makes me happy and brings so much joy :)
          i didn’t travel with a euro rail pass during that time, but i already did that in 2008 or 2009, can’t remember exactly, it truly is a great way to see a lot of europe for little money! when i travelled from amsterdam we used the euroline buses to paris and for the rest of the destinations in spain and italy we went by plane, easyjet and ryanair, unfortunately the don’t operate in vienna, so i really enjoyed this cheap possibility to travel.
          enjoy the rest of the weekend,

  2. I love Amsterdam too. I am Australian but my parents are Dutch so I can also speak Dutch – quite useful in Holland but not so much elsewhere.
    I have stayed in the Jordaan area on my last 2 visits to Amsterdam. It’s a very photogenic city at any time of year. I’d love to spend a year in Amsterdam, working, traveling and enjoying the lifestyle. I enjoyed looking at your photos, they are very nice. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve done a few posts with pix from Holland, including this one of Amsterdam where I’m sure you’ll recognize the scenery. Regards Peter

    • i learned dutch as well in a class at my universtiy in vienna, unfortunately i almost forgot everything ;) but dutch isn’t too hard to learn for german speking people and you don’t need it in the netherlands anyway because (almost) everyone is able to speak english.
      the jordaan area is lovely, great to take some photos of the city! i didn’t live in the city center during my exchange semester, i stayed at a dormitory near the “amstelstation”.
      if you have the chance, go there!! you won’t regret it, i had an awesome (but too short) time there and i enjoy every time i am coming back for vacation!
      have a great day and enjoy the christmas holidays!

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