tree tuesday

i wish you all a happy tree tuesday!

here are some more november trees from the ‘augarten’ in vienna, sad and grey, i hope i can post some winter trees next week but there isn’t any snow in vienna so far!




9 thoughts on “tree tuesday

  1. These are beautiful! And I love them in b&w, suites the mood! :-)
    I love these naked trees, they get so individual when the leaves are gone.
    It is snowing like h–l right now, gosh it is a back cracker… And today it is snowing so much and -12 degr, so I can’t take a camera with me out… Today is a totally monochrome day! :-)
    Happu Tree Tuesday!

    • thank you :)
      swedish weather sounds very romantic right now, like a perfect day to stay inside with a cup of tea and watching the snow fall!
      happy tree tuesday!!

  2. Happy Tree Tuesday! I look forward to seeing these barren trees blanketed in snow in the future. Especially the third image in from the left, with the long corridor lined with trees.

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